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Innovative Building Envelope Solutions

Overhauling drafty buildings, inefficient ventilation systems, and other “sick” and energy-inefficient structure issues are daily challenges. In fact, most problems your company faces when trying to make building envelopes more energy efficient are not new. But the solutions can and should be.

From site assessment through project completion, Envocore is focused on delivering those innovative solutions and services to its ESCO and client partners. We will be as quick and as thorough as possible. We will be accurate and on budget!

Envocore knows how to help and when our partners bring us in as part of the initial project survey, everything runs much smoother. You can expect:

  • A team of engineers and designers who understand the big picture and leave no stone unturned
  • Great products, services, and processes to improve installation time and efficiency
  • Creative and strategic approaches to building access during implementation
  • Project management planning, such as scheduling, job site management and detailed close-out documentation.
Envocore Team Solve: On Accuracy

“We never take shortcuts. Some surveyors won’t get up on ladders, check too deeply into those difficult areas to access or see the consequences of improper or incomplete building construction details. At Envocore, every surveyor is trained to use every tool at their disposal to identify all viable energy conservation measures. Tools like thermal imaging equipment, smoke sticks, and innovative auditing processes. An extra hour of diagnostic time could easily translate into thousands of dollars of savings down the line.”

— Dan Schuman , Director, RTS Building Envelope

Tackling Energy Efficiency

Our company has expertise in building envelope surveys.  A thorough, professional building envelope survey will give you complete information about the protective shell around your building. That, in turn, allows you to make repairs as soon as possible and improve energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, buildings are the “single largest energy-consuming sector in the U.S. economy.” 1 So, any chance to improve within the building envelope can bring about real energy reductions over time.

In addition to our expertise in Building Envelope Surveys, Envocore has solid experience in Building Energy Solution Designs, Project Management and Documentation. This all translates into energy efficiency.

Why make building envelope solutions a priority?

Innovative Technologies & Solutions at Envocore 
  • Aligning building retrofit with HVAC equipment resizing
  • Sealing penetration through the air barrier
  • Weather stripping and caulking for doors and windows
  • Insulation and spray foams
  • Windows and frames or replace glass and glazing
  • Install supplemental window systems
  • Install protective and solar window films
  • Install daylighting technologies/light louvers
  • Solar shade solutions
  • Overhead and roll top doors solutions
  • Cool roof technology/ extended roof warranties
  • Provide destratification solutions
  • Create vestibules in the appropriate applications
  • Pipe insulation
  • Phase change material
  • And site specific solutions

72% of commercial buildings are more than 20 years old – and not built with energy savings in mind

Innovative Solutions

Building owners can often save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs by allowing our trained building envelope professionals to complete recommended air sealing and energy loss prevention measures. For instance, the size of replacement HVAC equipment can be reduced due to getting rid of uncontrolled air leakage. This step provides a considerably better payback.

That said, it’s not just about cost savings. You’ll also gain efficiencies in other ways:

  • Time efficiencies – Get it right the first time, from survey to completion.
  • Management efficiencies – So your job comes in on time and on budget
  • Increased building and energy efficiency—Over time, after installation is complete
  • Project metrics and documentation – Done right the first time
Find savings of up to 20% in heating and cooling costs.
Envocore Team Solve: On Timing and Efficiency

“We couldn’t get to the bottom of our drafty building issue for years. Sure, we had many audits, but no one could ever pinpoint the problem. Envocore spent one full day at our facility, on ladders, in crawl spaces, you name it—and they found and fixed the matter using thermal imaging. Same day!”

— Banking Industry Partner

Expert Building Envelope Team

Our Building Envelope team has over 40 years of aggregate experience in the construction industry. We have completed projects of all sizes. Added expertise in Facilities Management, Scheduling, and Project Management translate into a complete approach to project management—from audit through project completion—for our ESCO and other client partners.

In addition, we are members in good standing of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), the Association of Energy Engineers and Air Barrier Association of America.

Envocore Team Solve: On Budget

“Our company had used a different survey approach and, unfortunately, we found ourselves upside down on a Building Envelope retrofit job. We approached our friends at Envocore with our challenge. They determined how to approach the project in a completely different way, embracing innovative logistics strategies that helped save time and money. Thanks to their out-of-the-box thinking, we saved our ESCO company more than $50,000 – even before we calculated the energy savings.”

— Energy Industry Partner

Let’s Get Started

We are absolutely committed to delivering high-quality building envelope services and solutions to our ESCO partners at a good value. We’ll be on time and within budget.

Envocore has teams and processes in place that let us to provide turnkey solutions nationwide. You can expect a professional experience every time by competent staff that are great communicators. They are highly schedule driven and provide detailed documentation throughout the project.

Let us take you through a deeper presentation of our processes and methods.


Envocore Team Solve: On Experience & Agility

“We have seen it all, I think. Our years on the job allow us to not only find the problems faster, but also solve them more efficiently. Our team thinks fast on their feet and has come up with some innovative workarounds that have provided very desirable results for our clients. We’ve got a great assortment of state-of-the art tools to help identify energy saving opportunities and provide important information to our installation teams identified during the diagnostic survey.”

— Energy Industry Partner