Town of Silver City, NM

Envocore Solutions

  • Upgraded from manual meter reads to Automated Meter Read (AMR) System
  • Installation of 6,500 Metron meters ranging from ¾” to 8”


  • Need to upgrade existing 13 year old meters
  • City needed to recapture unrecorded usage
  • Improve leak detection and data transmission capabilities
  • Ensure better customer service

By the Numbers

Daytime landscape photo of the town of Silver City, with mountains and building against a partly cloudy blue sky.
Project Background

The Town of Silver City was looking for a new solution to an old problem for municipalities: the existing metering system was outdated, and the city was supporting the cost of inefficiencies.

Silver City turned to Envocore and Yearout Energy Service

Company to install and program over 6,500 new meters as part of an Itron ChoiceConnect™ advanced metering infrastructure solution. Today, all water usage is recorded and accounted for thanks to advanced meter data collection.

About the Town of Silver City, New Mexico

Silver City is a historic town in Grant County, situated in southwestern New Mexico. It is the county seat and the home of Western New Mexico University, with a population of approximately 10,000 residents. At 6,000 feet above sea level, Silver City’s mountainous air maintains a moderate temperature year-round, yet the town experiences four distinct seasons.

Almeric L. Christian Federal Building & Courthouse
City of Roswell, NM