Lighting Retrofit Impacts Many People

Retro-Tech SystemsWhen you’re looking at implementing a lighting retrofit, it’s easy to get caught up in the savings your business will realize with the change without taking into consideration how they will affect your employees, business partners and customers. Though those savings are important, how your associates, employees and customers deal with the change will ultimately affect your bottom line as much as the retrofit will. If they don’t like the change, someone’s going to hear about it in terms of customer relations, production delays or decreases and employee injuries or relations.

The simplest way to avoid any complaints or problems down the line is to involve these people from the very start of the project. Take the time to properly explain the purpose of the retrofit project and the benefits to be realized by the entire company. Will increased savings go into better equipment, pay raises or company shares? Solicit ideas about where to apply retrofits initially, what specific needs are for different areas and when the best time is to make the changes. You don’t want to close things down for retrofits during the busiest part of your year.

Make sure you get advice from lighting experts on what retrofits will work best for your situation rather than listening to an interior decorator. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you can always improve the color rendition, but you can’t necessarily change the color temperature without creating a stir or causing problems. If you currently use cool white lamps in your display or production areas, plan on upgrading to 4100 K in a triphosphor lamp for your retrofit. We’ve done a number of retrofit jobs where the customer insisted on switching based on the advice of an interior designer, but then had to go back and make changes to our recommended products because of employee complaints.

Another area to consider is what your maintenance personnel will need to access in the performance of their duties. Think about what will need to happen for lamp and ballast replacement down the road. Some retrofits can make it exceedingly difficult to gain access to the ballast, or even to do something as simple as changing a lamp. Though you may save a small amount of time today, you’ll find yourself paying for it twice over in future maintenance costs. You should always require easy maintenance as part of your specifications.

By including your front-line people and lighting experts in planning your retrofit, you’ll achieve a better result that makes everyone happy. Enhanced lighting can quickly translate to a more attractive work place, increased sales and improved productivity, adding to your bottom line far above and beyond simple utility savings.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to think about how to keep your front-line people in the loop and participating in your lighting retrofit, why not take the next step? Contact us today for more details or for a quote.