Launched in 2012, DTE Energy’s E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency program is in its second year. Sponsored by Detroit-based NextEnergy in partnership with the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD), the challenge focuses on innovative energy-efficiency technology in advanced lighting.  

The E-Challenge brings underutilized energy-efficiency products to the DTE service area and is intended to showcase innovation through market-ready advanced lighting solutions in areas such as integration of sensors, adaptive controls; network controls to optimize energy savings; utilization of advanced lighting luminaire designs; creative lighting designs; advanced optics designs; and exterior lighting applications. The technology must integrate energy-efficiency solutions through collaborations and/or accelerate the commercialization of Michigan-based energy technologies with demonstration sites within the DTE service area.

Last year, two winners were selected out of 65 applicants for having the highest projected energy savings and the potential to fill a gap in the DTE energy-efficiency portfolio. The first winner developed a highly effective insulation system that employs full size window inserts for R-10 thermal performance.

The second winner created an advanced control system that regulates the operation of the hot water recirculation pump in multifamily, dorms or hotel settings so that it only runs when needed, reducing unnecessary heat loss from the loop and boiler fire time.

By Fierce Energy