Effective Lighting Retrofit is a Team Process

When you’re considering having an energy efficient lighting retrofit for your business, one aspect you should always consider is the team involved in deciding what is needed for the process. Maintenance will have a completely different set of qualifications than the safety director and both of them will differ from what your sales team will need. How do you develop the right parameters for your lighting retrofit that makes everyone happy? By developing the specifications in a team environment. Here are some details on how to develop an effective team to manage the lighting retrofit process.

The Lighting Retrofit Team Process Starts Early

Your team-building process needs to start before you begin the retrofit. You’ll need to gather people from every area of the business that will be impacted by the retrofit. But don’t plan on just getting anyone from each department. You’ll want to look for people who are knowledgeable about what their department needs for the retrofit but are also able to work together. You’ll also want to include at least a few people who are good negotiators and creative problem solvers, because it will make the process go more smoothly. Your team can then begin figuring out what the essential needs are for your business as well as other aspects of the project that would be beneficial, but not absolutely necessary to the end result.

Include Service and Utility Companies

Once you’ve gathered some of this basic information, you’ll want to include your energy service company or utility to get a better idea of what incentives and changes the retrofit will cause with your account. You’ll also want to have your team meet with the retrofit company with which you’ll be working. This will allow your entire team to get on board with the project and iron out any remaining wrinkles in your lighting retrofit plan while getting expert advice and a better picture of how everything will work out by the end of the project.

Schedule Regular Meetings

During the process, you’ll need to keep your team intact and meeting regularly to communicate any issues that may come up. Has the particular light fixture you were planning on using been discontinued? Is a cost-saving initiative or rebate coming to an end? Does there need to be additional consideration of the light temperature for the production line? Are there issues with the existing wiring or structure that need to be addressed? By meeting regularly, your company can still address these issues as it allows time for any changes that must be made while the process is underway instead of having to make additional changes after the fact which are often much more costly.

But what about once the project is completed? Your team should still meet a few times to take care of any loose ends, such as changes that were made mid-stream or additional work that needs to be done now that the lighting retrofit has been completed. Is someone staying on top of when the initiatives will come in or whether you’re realizing the expected savings from your energy service company? These aspects are just as important to ensure you’re getting the savings you’d expected to see.

Retrofit Teams Get Results

By keeping your team dynamics in mind when developing the right crew for the job, you can ensure that your energy efficient LED lighting retrofit will go smoothly and satisfy all the departments involved in the process. If you need help developing the right team for your project or need additional details about how an energy efficient lighting retrofit will impact your business and your team dynamic, please feel free to contact the experts at Retro-Tech Systems for more information. We’re always happy to help your business find the right lighting solutions for your situation.