The Town of Framingham signed an agreement with a Framingham-based energy services company, taking advantage of a regional contract that could save millions of dollars through energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

The Town fo Framingham signed an agreement with Ameresco, Inc. to audit and assess all town-owned facilities to discover all potential opportunities for energy and water conservation and cost savings, as well as renewable energy generation.

Framingham will work with Ameresco to choose specific projects from this comprehensive list of energy efficiency and renewable measures.

The town will then enter into an energy savings performance contract with Ameresco for these selected projects.

 “As a Massachusetts-based company, Ameresco is proud to partner with our local communities throughout the Commonwealth to identify and institute operational efficiencies and energy conservation measures that pay for themselves through the resulting savings and are budget-neutral to the cities and towns where our employees reside,” said David J. Anderson, Executive Vice President, Ameresco. “Working with the Town of Framingham is particularly rewarding since Ameresco is headquartered here.” 

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council announced the selection of Ameresco, Inc. in 2012 as the regional Energy Services Company (ESCO) on behalf of 14 cities and towns in Greater Boston, including Framingham.

Energy savings performance contracts guarantee a minimum level of energy savings over the term of the contract effectively allowing a community to pay for facilities improvements out of their existing operating budget. Energy efficiency improvements may include building controls systems, lighting upgrades, infrastructure improvements such as high-efficiency boilers and HVAC systems, rooftop or window replacements, and renewable energy systems such as solar PV.

“It was very gratifying to have utilized the MAPC energy contract initiative to secure an agreement with Ameresco to complete an investment grade energy audit of all Town and School buildings,” said Framingham Town Manager Bob Halpin. “The findings in this audit will achieve a long standing goal of our Board of Selectmen to identify affordable, achievable projects that will generate sustained energy savings for the Town.”

The other municipalities that participated in Council’s regional ESCO procurement are Ashland, Arlington, Chelsea, Everett, Framingham, Gloucester, Norwell, Rockport, Sharon, Sherborn, Sudbury, Topsfield and Wayland.

By Susan Petroni