GE Lighting has announced the Lumination BR family of LED-based recessed troffers with standard support for dimming and optional network support. Fixtures efficacy ranges from 90 to 102 lm/W based on the product configuration and CCT, with GE offering the solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires in 1×4-, 2×2-, and 2×4-ft models.

GE Lighting adds LED-based planar troffer with dimming support
The BR series is a complementary product to the BT series of troffers announced last August. The products have an appearance similar to products in the Lumination family that use the Intrinsx light-guide technology and edge lighting. But the BR and BT series are thicker given that the LEDs directly light the diffuser, and the products provide a lower cost of entry into LED troffer options for applications such as office, healthcare, and retail applications.

“Many businesses are looking for the efficiency and aesthetic benefits offered by LED lighting technology but have been on the fence about an upgrade because they’re reluctant to invest,” said Tim Miller, indoor product manager for GE Lighting. “GE’s Lumination BR Series balances that investment cost with the high performance that is so attractive of LED, helping today’s architects and lighting designers achieve their goals for affordably enhancing workplace productivity, energy efficiency, and maintenance savings with great aesthetics.”

Relative to the BT Series, the BR products offer a slight efficacy improvement along with the support for controls and dimming. The BR series comes standard with 0–10V dimming. Moreover, lighting designers/specifiers can order the product with integrated support for the Lutron EcoSystem network or standard DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) networks.

GE will offer the BR series over a range of 3000K- to 5000K-CCT models. Lumen packages range from 3300 to 5000 lm. The luminaires are specified for a lifetime of 50,000 hours to 85% of initial lumen output (L85).
Albeo high-bay fixture

GE’s Albeo business unit also recently introduced an LED high-bay fixture with what the company said “leads the industry with more than 135 lm/W” in efficacy. The industrial-oriented ABV1 fixtures are meant to replace HID lamps to 1500W and four- and eight-lamp fluorescent T8/12 fixtures.

The Albeo product was launched at LightFair. The new design is a slight change in form factor relative to prior Albeo high-bay fixtures. GE said the new design will simplify the installation process and help make the transition to LED-based lighting more affordable.

By LEDs Magazine and Illumination in Focus