At its last meeting, on Nov. 21, the school board approved an energy performance contract with Honeywell International Inc. for the purpose of improving the efficiency of the district’s energy systems. The project’s cost is $7,454,228, with annual savings of $424,317. The district will borrow money through a tax-exempt municipal lease, which it will use to pay Honeywell for the installation of the work. Moving forward, payments on the lease will be offset in full by utility rebates, state aid, and guaranteed savings, according to the district. The project is expected to reduce the district’s emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, all by more than 25%. The reductions in terms of environmental impact equate to 287 cars removed from the road, the equivalent of 391 acres of trees planted, and an electric reduction great enough to power 126 homes.

By Lewisboro Ledger