Lighting Retrofit Starts with a Comprehensive Lighting Audit

Though many business owners are familiar with the clean, clear blue prints of construction that lays everything out for us to examine, lighting retrofits usually don’t start from such a simple and easy-to-understand plan. There can be a range of light temperatures or colors to incorporate, considerations for hard-to-fit or damaged fixtures or other issues that can arise during installation. To get the best possible results for your business or organization and the most accurate bids for your lighting retrofit, you should have a lighting audit conducted. But what is a lighting audit and how can it benefit your retrofit project? Let’s take a look:

What is a Lighting Audit?

Lighting audits are in-depth examinations of your building and fixtures to determine their existing conditions, what will need to be involved in the retrofit installation process itself, which materials best meet the business’ or organization’s needs and what the project’s worth will end up costing and gaining the business or organization in terms of initial costs and expected energy savings.

It’s essentially the foundation from which all the work will be performed, telling the sales staff and installers exactly what to expect. It’s used to determine when to manufacture or order parts and evaluates possible problems in the manufacturing process, appropriate shipping methods, the planned schedule of delivery and how installation will be handled.

 How a Lighting Audit is Performed

There’s more to a lighting retrofit than ordering comparable parts and installing them; the light color or temperature needs to be determined, with light level readings helping guide the process. At the same time, component identification is an integral part of the process. Existing fixtures need to be opened and inspected for any potential issues that could compromise safety or cause problems down the road.

How a Lighting Audit is Used

At Retro-Tech Industries, our factory-trained technicians use a hand-held computer to identify each fixture type based on its location in a building, floor, room and suite. Special codes in these hand-held computers provide valuable information on everything from restricted access areas, time limitations for particular fixtures, areas with special working conditions and other pertinent information. This information is then put into a form that is used by all project personnel, becoming our blueprint for manufacturing, installation and verification of billing.

Without a solid lighting audit, the materials you want to use for your retrofit may not work, as you would expect. They could use a different light color that doesn’t look right in your space, a lower-power light that creates safety issues in dim areas, not fit in your existing fixtures or could cause fire or safety hazards. If you want your lighting retrofit done right the first time, the best way to accomplish it is a lighting audit. To receive a quality lighting audit from Retro-Tech Industries, please contact us today. We’d be happy to help make your lighting retrofit go smoothly and to your expectations.