New Lighting Technologies Poised for Growth

Our world is quickly becoming more and more focused on energy efficiency and green living. One area that has seen rapid advancements over the past several years is LED lighting. Once the purview of engineers and home hobbyists, light-emitting diode technology has rapidly grown as interest in lowering our impact on our environment has grown. LED lighting retrofits have recently moved into commercial and industrial applications with a wide range of business-friendly benefits. Here are more details on how this industry is growing.

LED Benefits

Compared to incandescent, halogen and compact florescent lighting, LED lights have a number of benefits. They have a significantly longer life, which greatly lowers maintenance costs. Their lower energy consumption helps save a tight business budget by lowering utility costs. The smaller size means you can get more light out of a limited area that has been possible in the past. The improved physical robustness makes them strong in rough environments, while faster switching gives you instant light instead of a delayed warm-up cycle. They’re also more environmentally friendly, lacking the mercury that has made compact florescent lights less popular. Today’s LED lights can be found outdoors, in industrial settings, in architectural designs and a number of commercial and retail application. It’s also an excellent technology to invest in, as the market was at $12.9 billion in 2012 but is expected to reach $86 billion by 2019, representing an impressive annual growth of 30.8% in that seven year period.

LEDs and Sports

Those bright flood lights cost a lot of money to install, maintain and operate, but LED lighting retrofits of these lights are delivering energy savings of 75 to 85%. In addition, the way LED lights function eliminates glare on the field while reducing or eliminating hot spots, dark spots and shadows in the field of play while eliminating the need for post-production color correction in broadcast events. Though the switch from metal halide lights has been gradual, the savings and superior light quality has led to several major NFL venues changing to LED lighting in stadiums and 50 college sport facilities in the United States, as mentioned in a recent Forbes article.

Making a Statement with LED Lights

Because of the low cost of LED lighting, it’s becoming more common to use light as part of a building’s architectural design. Leo Villareal is an American artist who created a beautiful light display at the San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, which operated two years before going dark. It became so popular, the project was reinstalled in early 2016, placing 25,000 LED lights on the bridge cables at a cost of $4 million. The project attracted almost 50 million people, with the new project being expected to light up either the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge for as long as a decades due to LED lighting’s ability to withstand the harsh conditions of the bay.

These lighting technologies are revolutionizing design and energy efficiency and are expected to see significant growth in 2017. Where is your business during this time of change? If you want to get a better idea of what an energy efficient LED lighting retrofit can do for your business, please feel free to contact us today. At Retro-Tech Systems, we can’t wait to light up your world.