Cost of efficiency upgrades bundled with electricity supply through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy program

Nyack Hospital today announced a $1 million energy and water conservation project that is expected to save an estimated $270,000 per year in utility costs and reduce electricity use by more 1 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually. The conservation measures require no upfront investment from the hospital as part of a 48-month electricity supply contract through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy program.

By implementing energy and water conservation measures, Nyack Hospital expects to conserve an estimated 12.4 million gallons of water and avoid the creation of 1,616,357 pounds of carbon dioxide annually — the equivalent annual emissions from 153 passenger vehicles, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data.

“Environmental stewardship is one of the ways in which we carry out our mission and responsibility to care for the community,” said John Volanto, Nyack Hospital vice president and chief information officer. “The impact of the environment on health and disease is evidenced by healthcare providers on a daily basis. We are proud of the results achieved by our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle and look forward to the same success with this energy and water conservation project.”

Efficiency Made Easy enables Constellation commercial, industrial and institutional customers to fund conservation measures as part of their electricity supply bill. The cost of efficiency measures is included in the price per kWh over the term of the electricity supply agreement. In most cases, customers realize an immediate savings on energy costs as a result of reduced energy use.

“Energy efficiency is an essential part of any successful energy management strategy,” said Gary Fromer, senior vice president, energy management programs, for Constellation. “Competition for capital funds is a common hurdle for customers in making necessary upgrades. Combining energy supply purchases with efficiency measures can make conservation projects financially feasible for customers, allowing them to reduce costs and operate in a more environmentally responsible way.”

Nyack Hospital conservation measures include: energy efficient LED lighting and lighting controls; low-flow toilets and faucets; and steam plant upgrades. H20 Applied Technologies will install the water and steam plant upgrades. ESCO will install the lighting upgrades. Work is scheduled for completion during first quarter 2014.

A NAESCO-accredited Energy Services Provider, Constellation has assisted commercial customers and public agencies throughout the U.S. to implement energy efficiency programs.