Reduce Overhead and Maintain Quality with Energy Efficient Lighting

When you need to reduce your company’s overhead without sacrificing quality, an energy efficient lighting retrofit is a great option to consider. With a fast pay back time, enhanced light quality and visual comfort, utility savings of up to 65% and reduced maintenance, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. But before you write out that check, you need to consider that your savings may go down the drain if you have a serious mistake on your project. Because we’ve seen many retrofit jobs through to completion, including those that needed to be fixed after the fact, we can share that knowledge with you and help ensure you realize those benefits without any problems.

Avoid Holding Back Too Long

Sometimes, even when everything is perfect with a project, companies still hold back on getting it started. The tests have shown great results. You’re going to see a wonderful pay back time. The savings will be significant. It works well with your situation. Your boss loves the idea and says to go ahead with it, but something is still holding you back.

You’re not alone! Many people are nervous about getting a project like this started. As we’ve worked on projects over the years, we’ve typically found two main reasons that companies are holding back on a lighting retrofit job. Here they are:

Corporate Inertia (or Lack Thereof)

There’s a tendency in business to think that if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed. It’s even easier to use that course of logic today, when everything is so busy and you have so many more projects demanding your attention. Because everything else is already underway, it can seem bothersome to see to the retrofit. It could also be because the current lights are working, there’s no reason to replace them until they fail. Let’s take a look at both of those issues.

When you’re busy with everything else going on, changing your lighting system may seem like a little too much. Your maintenance people are already busy handling other matters, so why make a change around them? Because changing to energy efficient lighting means less maintenance, not more. A little extra effort now will really pay you back in the long run.

If everything is currently running smoothly, you may not want to mess with a good thing. Maybe you already have a good overhead or you don’t see the reason to change before the lights fail. But wouldn’t you want a better overhead with a short payback time if you can make it happen? What happens when your lights fail and you need to find a quick solution that doesn’t work effectively for your needs?

Waiting for a Utility Rebate

Many companies also wait for a utility rebate, hoping to save a few more dollars on the retrofit. Though it seems smart on the surface, you’re actually throwing away money. Why? Because while you’re waiting, you’re not receiving the savings that having a retrofit done now will provide. If there’s a rebate available, we encourage you to take advantage of it. But don’t keep throwing money away hoping it will come through at some point.

By keeping these reasons in mind when planning when to execute your energy efficient lighting retrofit, it’s much easier to get the right system installed and operating correctly at the right time. If you’d like additional information on what a lighting retrofit can do for your company and it’s bottom line, please feel free to contact Retro-Tech today.