Retrofitting with LEDs can save significant money

At Retro-Tech Systems, we’re always hearing great examples of how our clients are saving money with their energy efficient LED lighting retrofits. But many of our readers don’t realize that these aren’t just the best of the best or outliers of extreme savings, they’re the kind of savings our clients can expect to see every day. Here are a few stories that show you exactly how much your organization can expect to save with a LED lighting retrofit that is done right.

Retrofitting with LEDs can save significant money

  • Oklahoma’s Tinker Air Force Base entered into a performance contract to improve the base’s overall energy efficiency, including light retrofits. The savings? A 44% reduction in energy consumption over 50 buildings, providing $3.5 million every year in energy savings.
  • San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is once again home to 25,000 LED lights at a cost of $4 million, but the hardiness of these lights are expected to withstand the harsh saltwater environment of the area for decades to come, providing many years of reliable service.
  • New Mexico State University’s energy performance contract provided savings in just ten short months. The campus has already seen a 17% reduction in electricity usage on the campus, paired with an impressive 25% reduction in HVAC costs. On average, the performance contract delivers $132,000 in savings every month.
  • The Town of Essex, Massachusetts installed an energy efficient lighting retrofit that will save the town approximately 14% of electricity every month, totaling a whopping 85,266 kilowatt-hours every month. The retrofits covered a number of public buildings over a 48-month energy performance contract, after which time the town will see the savings directly.
  • Detroit, Michigan has seen a number of LED retrofit street lights appearing in the area, aiming for replacing 65,000 existing systems as the city’s energy efficiency program rolls forward. It’s estimated that the energy efficient LED lighting retrofits will consume 50% of the power used by their predecessors.
  • Consisting of a number of building envelope upgrades, lighting retrofits, water conservation and energy control strategies, Ithaca City School District in New York expects to see savings of $7.5 million of savings above their energy performance contract obligations.

By implementing an energy efficient LED lighting retrofit as part of your overall energy savings plan, you can quickly realize a return on your investment that is better than you may have expected or imagined. If you’re ready to look at what needs to happen to get your company’s LED lighting retrofit planned and installed, please feel free to contact the experts at Retro-Tech Systems today for more details. We’re happy to help you save time, money and energy as your company moves into a brighter future.