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Perform data triage, reverse engineering 24-36 months of account-by-account billing data.

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Recalculate water consumption, uncovering any data variances and billing anomalies.

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Calculate revenue opportunities for every single meter size and rate code.




Preliminary System Analysis


Data Analysis and Triage


Water Meter Survey and Testing


Professional Installation and Management


Professional Installation & Management

Transmit actionable data to billing system via our proprietary Smart Installation Management System.

Data Triage

Analyze and discover revenue opportunities inside inconsistent data between meters and billing systems.

Water Meter System Analysis

Envocore conducts system surveys and metering testing and tests to verify accuracy and create framework for meter changeout as well as to help build revenue recovery model.

Solution Design

Identify systems that can easily integrate with your current billing system and into the physical attributes of your distribution system.


Our highly effective data analysis and triage services enable our utility customers to implement accurate metering, water auditing, and loss control initiatives, positioning them to recover revenue based on level of service and actual water resource usage.

We look backward in order to create a plan to move forward. We begin by requesting 24-36 months of extremely detailed, account-by-account billing data in order to complete the metering analysis. The massive amounts of data we capture includes the following:

  • Account numbers and addresses
  • Rate codes
  • Service types per account (e.g., water, sewer, irrigation)
  • Meter sizes
  • Manufacturers
  • Installation data
  • Meter serial numbers
  • Billing dates
  • Usage (billed consumption)
  • Bill amounts

We collaborate with you to identify the 12 months that best represent a typical year (the baseline period), as well as uncover key trends. In addition, we do the following:

  • Request all rate codes in effect for the 24-36-month period.
  • Identify inconsistencies, drawing upon the large number of data points to make smart decisions.
  • Reverse engineer billing, applying rate codes against month-by-month billing data.

Using stated rates and month-by-month billed consumption, we reverse-calculate the bills based on water consumption amounts and compare them with the amounts charged, looking for variances.

We enter sample test results into the Revenue Recovery Database as “Measured Accuracy.” We draw upon American Water Works Association (AWWA) water meter measurement and verification best practices. AWWA “New Meter Accuracy” levels are 100% +/- 1.5%.  To be conservative in our benefit calculations, we use the lower threshold, or 98.5%, as the assumed value for New Meter Accuracy.

For each meter size and rate code, we initially calculate anticipated project benefit as the difference between billed consumption charges with assumed accuracy and the consumption that would have been billed if the meters had been new at the time of billing. The assumed accuracy is validated and updated in the model with the water meter surveys and testing stage.


Case Studies

Discover how we empower our clients to implement ROI-based smart metering solutions.

Case Studies

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