“It’s actually pretty amazing. The hospital employees are now parking their cars in the parking garage at night because of the new lighting,” commented Joe Romero, Representative of California Electric Supply. In the summer of 2012, the San Louis Obispo, California hospital reached out to California Electric Supply and Greentech of Ventura to complete a lighting upgrade that would significantly improve security in the parking garage and lower energy consumption.

“We selected the EverLast® Davenport garage fixture because of the enhanced optics, natural color rendition, and adaptive lighting controls,” commented Dan Grumney, President of Greentech. “The fixture not only meets the facility specifications, but is an excellent energy efficient solution to lower costs and improve security in the parking structure.”

In October, Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center moved forward with the advanced lighting fixtures and replaced 98 high pressure sodium 150 watt fixtures one for one with 70 watt EverLast® Bi-Level Davenport garage fixtures. The SMART Bi-Level technology integrated into the EverLast® fixtures steps down the energy use in the hospital parking garage to 40% power when areas are vacant for a set length of time allowing the facility to achieve between 60-80% energy savings over the existing fixtures. Representatives from Greentech estimate an energy savings of over $76,000 over the life of the fixtures. “The Davenport Bi-Level garage fixture has been a landmark product in the EverLast® line since its origination. Above and beyond the obvious advantages; a U.S. Made, energy efficient, SMART – controllable, Induction unit, it comes backed by a 10 year warranty,” stated Brandon Marken, Vice President of Sales for EverLast® Lighting.

In addition, there are virtually no maintenance costs for up to 10 years on the EverLast® fixtures offering the lowest lifetime cost of any light source on the market and the fastest ROI. The fixture was developed from a partnership with the California Lighting Technology Center and has been utilized in other parking garages across the United States. “Bi-Level lighting technologies for parking lots and parking structures is one of the most effective strategies for deep energy savings as well as for the potential to enhance safety and security,” said Professor Michael Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC).

Installations of the EverLast® Davenport Garage fixture have also included Whole Foods locations, the University of California Davis in Davis, California, City owned parking garages in Sacramento, California, Capitol Park Plaza in Washington, D.C., and City owned parking garages in Davenport, Iowa.

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