Utility Smart Metering

We are a trusted provider of design-build solutions for the water metering AMI marketplace.

Our team of engineers, project developers, data analysts, construction managers, and safety trained installers ensure our customer centric solutions are developed, designed, installed, and commissioned to deliver the highest quality results and customer satisfaction.

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We are absolutely committed to delivering high-quality building envelope services and solutions to our ESCO partners at a good value. We’ll be on time and within budget.

Envocore has teams and processes in place that let us to provide turnkey solutions nationwide. You can expect a professional experience every time by competent staff that are great communicators. They are highly schedule driven and provide detailed documentation throughout the project.

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Envocore Team Solve: On Experience & Agility

“We have seen it all, I think. Our years on the job allow us to not only find the problems faster, but also solve them more efficiently. Our team thinks fast on their feet and has come up with some innovative workarounds that have provided very desirable results for our clients. We’ve got a great assortment of state-of-the art tools to help identify energy saving opportunities and provide important information to our installation teams identified during the diagnostic survey.”

— Energy Industry Partner