We are excited to share the successful integration and the merging of our team of companies under our newly branded company ENVOCORE.

Many of our long-term customers have worked with our individual companies for decades on goal-specific, specialized projects using our design/build capabilities in the energy savings arena. They include but are not limited to, lighting and controls, advanced water efficiency solutions, utility metering, and more.

By pooling our resources as a larger collaborative group, ENVOCORE is able to share best-in-class service offerings across the United States through strategically located execution teams. Through operational and service advancements and increased economies-of-scale, we are now better positioned to pass these efficiencies on to our customers.

ENVOCORE shares our top-notch engineers, state-of-the-art systems and control capabilities, and opportunity-producing tools across all companies. We aim to make every partner and every ESCO the beneficiary of a bigger platform of ideas, resources, and influence.

While the industry has weathered any number of challenges over the years, through it all, our team of companies have stood strong with our customers and our values. ENVOCORE intends to deepen the reputations of RTS and LRI as industry leaders, build upon them, and become your trusted partner for many decades to come.

Warm Regards
Steve Troese, CEO, ENVOCORE

About Us

The ENVOCORE team has thousands of projects, literally millions of hours, of project design and implementation under our belt!

While no two design/builds are ever the same, with ENVOCORE as your partner, you can rest assured our employees have the depth of knowledge and experience to get the most out of your project. We get it done right, on time, on budget, and always put safety first.

With offices in the United States and Canada, ENVOCORE is ideally positioned to serve energy service companies (ESCOS) worldwide with innovative, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient solutions that provide measurable waste reduction.

Our Mission

Many of our long-term customers have worked with individual companies at ENVOCORE on goal-specific specialized projects involving lighting, advanced controls, advanced water solutions, building envelope and water efficiency. By pooling our resources as a larger, collaborative group, ENVOCORE is able to increase our buying power and brainpower with top manufacturers and suppliers—and pass those efficiencies on to our customers.

We’re able to share our best-in-class engineers, state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities and opportunity-producing tools across all companies, making every partner and every ESCO the beneficiary of a bigger platform of ideas, resources and influence.

This new collaboration enables us to be more flexible in responding to our client’s RFPs, especially if they have multiple energy conservation measures to be employed. And we have teams and partnerships in place across the country that can manage a project from audit through implementation—ready to make our customers look good.

As a solid base, ENVOCORE can look back on the 2000+ projects already successfully completed, and look forward to the financial stability a larger organization can bring to the table—along with the largest bonding commitment in the market that we serve.

Our History

The roots of ENVOCORE go back to 1993. In the beginning, two independent lighting companies were started in two different parts of the country: RTS in Chicago, and LRI in Gambrillis, MD. Each focused on light design and energy conservation.

Over 20+ years both RTS and LRI grew their services, expertise, service areas and portfolios.

RTS first expanded to Detroit, then New Orleans and Mississippi; finally extending their coast-to-coast contracting capabilities via seven offices across the country. Subsidiaries RTS Water and RTS Building Envelope rounded out their full suite of Energy Efficient services.

For its part, LRI also expanded its service footprint and expertise year after year, growing to become a national energy efficiency contractor. Water Savers was added as a wholly owned subsidiary, successfully expanding their services to include analysis, design and implementation of water reduction, reuse and recycling solutions. Later LRI acquired Enlight Energy Efficient Lighting, expanding its lighting services to the West Coast.

On June 30, 2017, Retro-Tech Systems (“RTS”), which includes RTS Lighting, RTS Water, RTS Utility Metering, and RTS Building Envelope, joined LRI Energy Solutions (“LRI”), including wholly owned subsidiaries Lighting Retrofit International, Water Savers and Enlight to form a new company, ENVOCORE. Like the companies that created it, ENVOCORE is dedicated to the growth and success of the energy solutions market.

At every level, ENVOCORE’s pervasive culture is one of exceeding client expectations through meticulous attention to detail at every phase of work. This allows ESCO customers to minimize their involvement in individual energy conservation processes, meet contractual obligations and provide strong customer service.

Our Leadership

With ENVOCORE’s broader skill sets and offerings come innovative collaborations and ideas that enable us to remain true to our core values. The executive management team has more than 500 years of collective experience in the industry, with each averaging 20+ years in the business. Our leadership team is not only sharing knowledge cross-company, as always, they are available to collaborate directly with ESCO customers to help make the opportunity work. Ultimately, our combination of experience, resources, and energy-efficient solutions allows us to take our ESCO partners to exciting new heights—and set them up for future successes.

Stephen Troese
Chief Executive Officer

Ted Restelli
Chief Financial Officer

Tim Haines
Chief Operating Officer

David Pierce
Chief Sales Officer

Francis Wheeler
Executive Vice President of Sales

Chris Wheeler
General Manager – Utility Metering

Greg Castro
Vice President of Operations

Ethan Lowe
Corporate Counsel

Brad Jenkins
Vice President of Business Development

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