Best-in-class higher education energy service solutions with minimal student, faculty, and staff disruption, as well as an unmatched safety record and substantial experience completing college and university projects nationwide.

Comprehensive audits with the goal of lowering energy consumption and driving essential capital improvements with faster payback

Turnkey, in-house design/build solutions performed by engineers, licensed field personnel, and our industry-leading management team

Energy savings that decreases maintenance costs, improves student performance, and increases occupant comfort and safety at schools nationwide


Today, many colleges and universities are leaders in sustainability and have developed forward-thinking programs geared toward carbon neutrality. Clean air, clean water, energy efficiency, health, and security are top priorities at campuses nationwide.

We take a comprehensive, whole-building (interior and exterior) approach to support the energy-efficiency needs of a broad range of higher education campus buildings.

Our team does the following:

  • Reduces energy and water usage and improves lighting, water, and building envelope efficiency.
  • Improves occupant comfort and performance.
  • Screens and background checks all of our installers and places a premium on security, carefully tracking all onsite work.
  • Works flexible day and night shifts and wears easily identifiable company uniforms and badges.
  • Completes professional design-build efforts with minimal disruption to students, faculty, staff, and administrators.


Our lighting solutions enable higher-education campuses to lower energy and maintenance costs while maximizing occupant comfort and student performance throughout the learning environment. We create smart building designs that integrate advanced lighting control systems, building automation, intermittent use of spaces, and human-centric lighting systems. Improved exterior lighting systems contribute toward improved campus safety.

Replacing older traditional lights with LED lighting is one way to achieve greater sustainability as well as energy savings that will positively impact students, faculty, staff, and the environment for years to come. In fact, tunable LED lights have the ability to impact schools’ energy expenditures, saving up to billions annually for colleges and universities across the country. TunableLED lights are also an effective tool used in classroom settings to support a variety of learning styles and teaching methods.

Water Efficiency

Advanced water efficiency solutions provide ROI-driven results for colleges and universities and other higher education facilities. We identify, design, and build water, sewer, and energy-efficiency solutions unique to each building to identify hidden exterior water use issues, reduce energy use, and save money.

These solutions also cover domestic plumbing applications. Beyond the restroom plumbing systems, we have solutions for HVAC equipment, including condensers and cooling tower optimization, water purification, water leak detection, low-water harvesting, stormwater management, and smart irrigation systems, including design and installation of controllers that analyze weather patterns and soil vapor transpiration. In addition, our water efficiency programs can include commercial kitchen equipment.


Building Envelope

We blend security solutions with building envelope solutions to protect the students, faculty, and staff who live and work on college campuses. Our building envelope solutions improve performance while retaining the architectural look and feel of historic buildings.

Colleges and universities can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs when our project delivery teams implement air sealing and energy loss prevention measures. We ensure that everything meant to stay outside actually stays outside and that everything meant to stay inside actually stays inside.


Our expertise includes the following:

  • Building envelope performance audits
  • Air barrier penetration sealing
  • Weather stripping and caulking
  • Insulation and spray foams
  • Window solutions, including security improvement safety films
  • Daylighting technologies
  • Solar shade solutions
  • Cool roof technologies
  • Destratification solutions
  • Pipe insulation
  • Turnkey installation


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