Comprehensive Audit

Our comprehensive audits uncover issues, and bring real insights that inform and shape our menu of efficiency and cost-reducing solutions and services. Whether you’re a hospital, a university, or a correctional facility, we can help you succeed.

Turnkey, In-house Design/Build Solutions

With thousands of projects and thousands of hours of hands-on experience under our collective belts, our skilled engineers and efficiency experts deliver the most comprehensive analysis, audits, insights, blueprints, and money-saving, comfort-enhancing, and expert solutions.

Industry Expertise

Our collaborative, talented, seasoned efficiency experts understand your unique challenges, your needs, and your objectives, and we help you meet and exceed them. We provide market-leading, innovative expertise, knowledge, and solutions to help you tackle your energy-saving, efficiency, and ROI goals.

ROI & Energy Savings Delivered

From water to lighting, building optimization, to smart utility metering, our auditing, analysis, and engineering talent deliver outsized savings, long-term value, and real ROI to enterprises of all sizes and types.

Licensed, certified, industry-leading experts deliver optimized operations, insights and solutions that help your business reduce and eliminate waste, attain maximum operating efficiency and comfort, and reduce costs.

Cost-saving, ROI-producing solutions that help your organization reduce utility-related waste, optimize your building’s shell, enhance your occupant’s comfort and safety, and enjoy cost-saving utility solutions.


We help energy service companies manage risk by offering a wide range of energy solutions. We develop, design, build and implement energy and cost-reducing measures through retrofits, infrastructure, risk management, and other solutions.

Federal Government

Specializing in helping federal government entities implement and realize substantial energy-efficiency measures and savings. Our services include design and build services to improve the building envelope and occupant comfort and maximize operations.

State and Local Government

Solutions for energy-saving opportunities, lowering energy consumption, reducing the cost of ownership, and increasing long-term ROI. We have completed over 3,400 projects nationwide, maintained a 98.7% on-time project completion, and $2.5 billion in cost savings.


We offer comprehensive audits, turnkey solutions, and deliver optimized, personalize energy service solutions for K-12 schools. We have delivered enhanced comfort, unobtrusive installations, and envelope performance solutions to over 700 school districts.


We help hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and healthcare systems realize energy savings, lower energy consumption, increase occupant comfort and safety, and enjoy long-term ROI – all without disrupting the occupants and losing productivity to construction.

Correctional Facilities

As taxpayer-funded entities, prisons must maximize efficiencies, and eliminate waste. We help correctional facilities, design and build energy-saving systems, improve the water and building enveloper, and reduce heating and cooling functions. We have completed 3,400 projects nationwide.

Higher Education

We deliver comprehensive audits and energy-saving solutions to colleges and universities nationwide without disrupting staff and students. Our team’s solutions help educational institutions reduce water usage, improve lighting, and improve occupant comfort.


We help utility enterprises with our state-of-the-art Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions, Smart Installation Management Systems (SIMS), increase operational efficiencies, and increase long-term revenue.

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