Federal Government energy solutions from a team that has successfully completed over 3,500 projects nationwide, with an on-time completion rate of 98.7 percent and over $2.5 billion in customer savings.

Comprehensive audits with the goal of lowering energy consumption and improving long-term ROI in accordance with U.S. Office of Federal Sustainability goals

Turnkey, in-house design/build solutions performed by engineers, licensed field personnel, and our industry-leading management team

Expertise in delivering safe, cost-effective, on-time building and exterior infrastructure applications for Federal Government clients nationwide


U.S. Federal Government buildings represent the largest aggregate building portfolio in the world, accounting for billions of square feet in real estate. They not only provide space for hundreds of thousands of employees to provide critical services to our country but also represent a significant opportunity to save energy, water, and money; create jobs; stimulate economic growth; and demonstrate building performance solutions that can drive the private sector forward.

Our goal is to significantly reduce energy and operating costs while advancing Federal sustainability goals. We take a comprehensive, whole-building (interior and exterior) approach to support the energy-efficiency needs of a broad range of Federal Government buildings, community facilities, and public infrastructure. In each case, we take advantage of opportunities to improve the performance of diverse applications and system components and the way those components are controlled and maintained.

In particular, our team does the following:

  • Advances the energy efficiency, resilience, climate policies, and security mission of the U.S. Government.
  • Designs and builds systems that reduce energy, water consumption, and costs while honoring the specific design requirements of the various branches of the Federal Government, including UFC and P100.
  • Improves the efficiency of lighting, water, and building envelope performance and occupant comfort.
  • Works flexible shifts and wears easily identifiable company uniforms and badges.
  • Provides enhanced resilience, replaces aging infrastructure, mitigates high-priority energy resilience gaps, and improves cyber-security.
  • Completes flexible, professional design-build efforts with minimal disruption to occupants.


Our lighting solutions enable Federal Government agencies and offices to control internal and external environments in order to maximize occupant comfort, improve staff productivity, and lower energy and maintenance costs.

We incorporate LED technology, networked controls, and automation systems for offices and entire buildings and Federal Government campuses. We develop everything from lower cost, simplified approaches to high-value smart building designs that integrate advanced lighting control systems and building automation in order to provide the information needed to make informed decisions. Beyond interior lighting, we also design and build exterior lighting and street lighting systems.

We perform audits of entire Federal Government facilities and individual buildings, including exterior walkways, attached fixtures, courtyards, and parking lots. We evaluate variables such as how space will be used, the amount of daylight, the electric load reduction potential, dimming and light color temperature, initial cost, and cost to maintain moving forward.

Comprehensive project management and execution involve scheduling, auditing, job site management, and close-out documentation.

Water Efficiency

Advanced water efficiency solutions improve the resiliency of Federal buildings and military bases by ensuring a constant water supply, as well as provide ROI-driven results for Federal Government facilities. We identify, design, and build water, sewer, and energy-efficiency solutions unique to each facility to provide substantial infrastructure improvements, reduce water and energy use, and save money, as well as identify hidden or unknown water use to improve water efficiency inside and outside each facility.

Our solutions range from domestic plumbing applications to HVAC equipment (condensers and cooling tower optimization) to xeriscaping, irrigation and landscaping solutions. We also design and build reverse osmosis water purification, water leak detection, low-water harvesting, stormwater management, and smart irrigation systems, including design and installation of controllers that analyze weather patterns and soil vapor transpiration. Significant water saving measures involve capturing groundwater and then filtering and treating it for cooling tower makeup, as well as installing rainwater collection systems.

Domestic water conservation measures may include installing higher efficiency toilets and urinals, flow restrictors in the lavatory faucets, and water efficient showerheads.


Building Envelope

We blend security solutions with building envelope solutions to protect both new and historic Federal Government buildings — particularly the people who work in them and the guests who visit them. Our building envelope solutions improve performance while retaining the architectural look and feel of historic buildings. In addition, Federal Government clients can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs when our project delivery teams implement air sealing and energy loss prevention measures.

A thorough site audit can reveal weaknesses in the building envelope, pinpoint locations of air loss and energy leaks and inadequate insulation, and identify other structural faults that can decrease energy efficiency. Our goal is to ensure that everything meant to stay outside actually stays outside and that everything meant to stay inside actually stays inside.

The audit can cover visual inspections of foundations, rooms, basements, attics, doors, and windows. It may include surface thermographic imaging to identify areas of heat loss or gain, infiltrometer tests to locate air leaks that need to be sealed, and inspection for signs of infiltration/exfiltration (e.g., cobwebs).


Our expertise includes the following:

  • Building envelope performance audits
  • Air barrier penetration sealing
  • Weather stripping and caulking
  • Insulation and spray foams
  • Window solutions, including security improvement safety films
  • Cool roof technologies
  • Blast curtains to mitigate flying glass shards and debris caused by bomb blasts
  • Solar shade solutions
  • Daylighting technologies
  • Destratification solutions
  • Pipe insulation
  • Turnkey installation

Utility Metering

Our data analysis and triage services enable Federal-owned utilities to implement smart meter systems and other metering, water auditing, and loss control initiatives. These initiatives position them to lower operating costs and recover revenue through accurate, solid-state meters that offer additional functionality such as leak detection that benefits their customers. In particular, we provide U.S. military bases and communities with secure and resilient utility metering technology and infrastructure.

Long-term revenue and cost assurance includes accurate and timely bill delivery, actionable data to assist with decision making, and solid-state meters with 20-year guaranteed accuracy. System enhancements include remote shutoff valves and leak detection to help reduce revenue loss.



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Discover how some of our clients make the most of their energy and resources for efficiency & sustainability.

Case Studies

Discover how some of our clients make the most of their energy and resources for efficiency & sustainability.

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