Water and Energy solutions from a team that has successfully completed over 3,500 projects nationwide and installed over a million endpoints nationwide for over 200 utilities, with an on-time completion rate of 98.7 percent and over $2.5 billion in customer savings.

Measure water usage with 100% accuracy and optimize street lighting technologies with safety in mind

Improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction using smart city systems and technologies

Increase long-term revenue and cost assurance as proven, highly trained, reliable members of your team


Our state-of-the-art Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions offer guaranteed, long-term 100% accuracy, on-demand meter reads, and leak detection. These proven, field-tested systems have a 20-year battery life and no moving parts. In addition, our street lighting solutions enable municipal utility companies to control internal and external environments in order to maximize safety and lower energy and maintenance costs.

What you can expect:

  • Actionable billing system data using our proprietary Work Order Management System, EnSight+
  • Metering systems that enable you to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes
  • LED street lighting technology, networked controls, and automation systems for offices and entire buildings and campuses
  • Energy cost savings, replacement of aging infrastructure, and mitigation of high-priority energy resilience gaps
  • Well-trained, highly reliable, background-checked teams and experienced onsite construction managers dedicated to your project
  • Flexible, professional design-build efforts with minimal disruption to occupants


Our data analysis and triage services enable utilities to implement smart meter systems and other metering, water auditing, and loss control initiatives. These initiatives position them to lower operating costs and recover revenue through accurate, solid-state meters that offer additional functionality such as leak detection that benefits their customers.

Benefits of smart city technologies include on-demand meter reads, remote meter disconnect, and leak detection, bringing invaluable cost savings and efficiencies for water departments and municipalities. Additional AMI benefits for municipalities include reduced call center costs and improved customer service time. Residents can also be alerted of leaks much sooner without having to wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for a billing cycle to reveal an issue. These alerts engage customers to repair leaks, reduce bills, and improve unnecessary waste.

We can do the following:

  • Offer comprehensive audit, design, analysis, and implementation services based on field-proven methods to minimize onsite water use, all without affecting the mission of your client’s facility or its occupants.
  • Conduct system surveys, meter testing, data triage, and revenue recovery modeling to create a framework for meter change-out and then integrate with current billing systems and distribution systems.
  • Reduce annual demand and peak monthly demand through a combination of drought response measures and water demand reductions.
  • Review operational hours, census information, and other data to project return on investment.
  • Explore ways to improve water efficiency, such as low-impact development water harvesting, stormwater management and irrigation systems, and water leak detection.

Street Lighting

Federal incentives, cost-savings, safety. and environmental benefits are just a few of the driving factors behind the demand for and continued market growth of street-lighting systems and technologies.

We incorporate LED street lighting technology, networked controls, and automation systems for cities and towns as well as campuses. We develop everything from lower cost, simplified approaches to high-value smart city designs that integrate advanced lighting control systems and automation in order to provide the data needed to make informed decisions.

We can do the following:

  • Create multiple versions of photometric studies, field measurements, and engineered drawings.
  • Replace city lights with intelligent controls and LEDs to eventually save cities up to millions of dollars a year in energy expenses.
  • Install parking lot fixtures that include motion detection and off-hour dimming to reduce energy consumption and lower the lighting levels after hours, all while maintaining safely lit spaces.
  • Add new pathway lighting and street light poles to address underlit areas.
  • Replace internal pole wiring and fuses.

We establish the ROI by comparing the total project cost (design, labor, material, and waste removal) with projected annual energy savings in both dollars and energy units (kW and kWh). Comprehensive project management and execution involve scheduling, auditing, job site management, and close-out documentation.



Integrated Meter and Lighting Technologies

Municipalities and utilities are benefiting from technology advancements that have become an important part of smart city infrastructure. Our AMI solutions capture and track all water usage. Using customizable, proprietary online tools such as our WOMS, EnSight+, we give municipalities and utilities real-time access to accurate meter data, which brings long-term value and cost savings, as well as maintains revenue continuity during system upgrades.

In addition, the meter-based communications infrastructures we install can tie into the lighting infrastructure as part of a broader smart city approach. Lighting can include smart controller capabilities, cameras and sound detection, with the key goals of improving driver safety, pedestrian safety, and community safety while reducing the total cost of ownership. We can handle anything from simple dawn-to-dusk controls all the way to a full-scale smart city solution.



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Discover how some of our clients make the most of their energy and resources for efficiency & sustainability.

Case Studies

Discover how some of our clients make the most of their energy and resources for efficiency & sustainability.

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