Do Smart Irrigation Systems Save on Costs & Energy?

water sprinkler irrigation system, smart irrigation system watering flowersDo Smart Irrigation Systems Save on Costs & Energy?

Improving the water efficiency of your building, whether it is a university or industrial facility, or retail center, means improving your savings both in money and energy. The future of water management systems is Smart Irrigation Systems utilizing smart irrigation controls and flow sensors. Not only can Smart Irrigation conserve water and save on costs, but it also provides invaluable metering analytics. 

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What is a Smart Irrigation System?

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a “collection of devices and systems used by utility companies to collect, measure, communicate, and analyze water use data.” Smart Irrigation Systems are created by utilizing AMI technology and applying it to water management. Smart Irrigation Systems eliminate conventional timer-based controls and instead utilize smart irrigation controls, flow sensors, and master control valves that track the weather, ensuring only the necessary water is applied to the plants. By using advanced metering analytics with an AMI Water Meter, we can optimize overall performance and detect inconsistencies faster. 

How Does AMI Work With Irrigation?

Below, the Environmental Protection Agency helps us illustrate how AMI systems function.

Water usage data is obtained and sent to a collector at regular intervals such as by hour, day, or week.

A collector receives the encrypted data and identifies irregularities, trends, outliers, and more. This information could be used to help your facility improve efficiency.

Your water usage metrics are readily available and easily evaluated via a secure online portal.

Not only will your water usage be on your bill, but important data and metrics will also be on your report.

How Can AMI Data Be Used?

AMI data can be used in a variety of ways on commercial properties, universities, and industrial facilities. Utilizing the information obtained from advanced metering infrastructure can provide savings in both energy and costs.

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1. Determine Total Water Use

Let’s face it, water meter readings are susceptible to human error. You’ll receive more frequent and accurate readings by utilizing AMI to determine your water usage. Your water use bill will be generated with the data gathered from the smart meters, so you can rest assured that the amount you pay is valid.

2. Trends & Outliers

Rather than a monthly reading with little information or insight into your water usage, AMI provides advanced and automated readings that can be recorded hourly, daily, or weekly. By looking at your water usage through this metric-driven lens, you can determine when it is at its highest, better understand how building occupancy affects your water usage, and more.

3. Leak Detection & Isolation

Because your AMI Water Meter runs continuously and constantly collects data, it becomes much easier to identify leaks. Many smart water management systems generate continuous use reports, also known as leak reports. These reports keep your facility and utility company informed and capable of performing preventative maintenance rather than reactive, costly repairs.

Why Upgrade Your Irrigation System?

Not only does Smart Irrigation help conserve water and save on costs, but it also improves system performance and reduces the need for maintenance. By identifying leaks or inefficiencies, Smart Irrigation can prevent costly damage to buildings and landscapes.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Cost savings on water bills
  • Energy savings from optimized irrigation schedules
  • Improved system performance
  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Prevention of costly damage from leaks or inefficiencies
  • Ability to target and monitor conservation programs
  • Increase security and reliability

An Envocore Success Story

Envocore’s recent project with Denver Public Schools highlights the benefits of an upgraded Irrigation System. The new system uses local weather and climate data to ensure that only necessary water is applied to the plants by replacing conventional timer-based irrigation controls with smart irrigation controls and flow sensors. This resulted in over $85,000 and over 17,800,000 gallons per year in savings. The system also allows the irrigation manager to globally manage all 47 controllers from a central dashboard, whether in the office or on the go. Smart Irrigation Systems not only save money and water but also provide ease of management for those in charge.

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Smart Irrigation Systems save exponentially on cost and energy thanks to advanced and automated smart readings. The data and metrics from these readings allow your facilities to monitor, detect, and improve upon your water management system like never before.

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