Falling for “Bargain” Commercial Lighting Products Can Wipe Out Retrofit Savings

As new technological advances make it easier to go green, more and more businesses are waking up to the potential found in energy efficient LED lighting retrofits. With an unprecedented opportunity to cut operating costs and improve lighting quality, benefits of this type of retrofit include dramatic savings of up to 65%, a quick pay back usually between six months to two years, an outstanding return on investment, improved lighting quality through better color lamps, lower glare leading to higher visual comfort, reduced maintenance man-hours due to longer life and fewer replacements, lower cooling costs because they produce less heat and if available from your local utility company or state, cash rebates on your new retrofit system. But for all these benefits, having one serious mistake can wipe out all your savings. Let’s take a look at what can happen when you purchase bargain products instead of high-quality lighting hand-picked for your existing needs.

What’s Wrong with Bargain Commercial Lighting Products?

Everyone loves a bargain – until it breaks with virtually no use. Because bargain companies are offering bargain products, you can expect the average bargain quality. Because these companies are in business to make fast money, they may offer what seems to be the cheapest price for your lighting retrofit and are easy to spot. They arrive with their product in hand with the answer to your problem before you’ve even been asked a question. How can these companies know what you need?

They can’t. They’ve gotten a great deal to buy something that looks like a quick, cheap fix, but what happens when that cheap fix breaks or isn’t providing the light you need to keep your operation running properly? They disappear.

Is There a Warranty?

The first question you should always ask of these companies is whether they offer a warranty on their products and their services. If they do offer you a warranty, make sure it’s in writing and read it very carefully. Many products that come with warranties today require you to follow such stringent guidelines that it costs more to have the warranty serviced than it does to get a new product. Does the warranty cover everything needed to replace a product if there’s a failure? Be sure to get a performance warranty that covers material, design and installation, not one that only covers the product. But before you sign on the dotted line, check the vendor’s financial net worth. There’s no value in a warranty if the company offering it doesn’t have any assets to back it up and will disappear at the first sign of trouble.

Does It Meet Your Needs?

LED lights come in a wide range of temperature colors, intensities and similar properties. Will the one-size-fits-all solution from this vendor meet your needs? What about occupancy sensors or similar features? To get the most out of your retrofit, the sensors, lights and everything else should be tailored to fit your business’ specific needs. Don’t settle for less!

By taking the time to select the right vendors and equipment, your company will realize significant savings and in improved lighting quality. The price doesn’t make it a bargain if it won’t work. For a successful lighting retrofit for your business, buying quality parts from a reputable company makes all the difference. To receive an assessment that will help determine which products will give you the best results for your situation, please contact us at Retro-Tech Industries. We’re always happy to ensure your lighting retrofit goes as smoothly as possible and meets your expectations.

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