Mr. Kurt T. Minko, President
Retro-Tech Systems, Inc.

Dear Mr. Minko,

I am delighted to have the opportunity to congratulate you and your team on being named a 2011 “Company to Watch” by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. I am confident that I join many friends and fellow Hoosiers in thanking you for the important role your firm is playing in expanding the local economy and strengthening our state’s competitive position, especially at a time when, nationally, economic recovery and job growth are faltering.

Before I entered public service, I worked for many years with my brother Tom in running our family’s small manufacturing company in Indianapolis. Thomas L. Green & Co. was founded by my grandfather in 1893 and specialized in producing food machinery equipment. I frequently recall my experience in managing the daily operations of this firm. Indeed, these experiences have been invaluable to me during considerations of policies likely to affect employers and their workers.

In an economic climate where millions of Americans are out of work, job creation and economic expansion must remain a primary goal. I believe this can be best achieved through policies that simplify the tax code and lower a corporate tax rate completely out of sync with global norms, reduce regulatory burdens, strengthen our short and long term energy security, update our nation’s workforce development programs to focus on the skill-sets today’s employers are demanding most, and reinvigorate trade promotion efforts to expand U.S. exports. It is important to note, however, that sustained growth will be impossible if significant, meaningful steps are not taken to cut bloated government spending and reduce annual deficits.

In short, there is much to be done. I look forward to coming debates in these critical areas and would welcome your unique insights and perspective as issues tied to your business’ operations come before Congress. My best wishes for your continued success and, again, my sincere congratulations on this signal achievement and recognition.


Richard G. Lugar
United States Senator

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