Lighting Retrofit Requires Expertise

When you’re considering an energy efficient lighting retrofit, you’ve got a great opportunity to save your business or organization significant amounts of money. But like many opportunities in business, it’s easy to make costly mistakes that can end up being far more costly than projected for the retrofit. One of the areas where you can make a big mistake in a lighting retrofit is by not calling in the experts or by calling them in too late.

Businesses or consultants who specialize in lighting retrofits know their business. They know what has been done in similar industries to yours or where problems arose in similar installations. They’re familiar with the products they sell and have a pretty good idea going in what will work the best for your energy efficient lighting retrofit. Before you commit yourself to a project, make sure to call in the experts so that you can prevent expensive mistakes on your project.

Not only will you benefit from their experience, but some companies are willing to provide a no-cost consultation to your company. If it’s free anyway, why not see what the experts have to say before you sign a contract that ties you in to specific products, companies and services? By treating your lighting retrofit company as a business partner instead of as a supplier, you’ll stand a much better chance of avoiding mistakes in your project.

A qualified lighting contractor is willing and able to stand behind every statement and warranty that they present. Because they’ve worked with the retrofit product in the past, they are able to support product claims because they’ve looked at the independent research instead of only relying on their own tests and performance figures. You’ll want to be certain of product claims, so always ask for an independent laboratory’s test and performance numbers. Any good lighting contractor will happily provide that information to you for your review before signing the contract for the retrofit.

Before you’re willing to accept any specific product, you should test them in your facility to ensure that the results in the independent reviews match what you need to keep your business operating effectively. Working out the details before the job starts is vital to making your job happen on time and on budget, so don’t leave calling in the experts too late, or you’ll discover just how expensive it is to reinstall a retrofit.

With these tips in mind, you can see that calling in the experts before it’s too late helps make good financial and operational sense. Having the correct product being installed in the first place by the right people helps save time, money and frustration in the long run. If you’re looking for expert service for your energy efficient lighting retrofit, contact us today. At Retro Tech Systems, we’re always happy to answer your questions, provide more details or develop a free quote that meets your business’ needs.

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