Georgia World Congress Center, a Retro-Tech Systems Project

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) is a 220-acre campus in downtown Atlanta. Convention center (3.9 million square feet) upgrades were needed to improve lighting and HVAC to reduce their carbon footprint and reflect their commitment to environmental stewardship. Retro-Tech Systems, Inc (RTS) was selected based on their capabilities and holistic approach. RTS and Current, powered by GE worked together to engineer and maximize LED solutions. The design resulted in 25,000+ GE LED lamps offering 500% longer life and 2,000+ GE LED fixtures utilizing multiple product lines. The RTS GWCCA project delivered a more efficient, sustainable environment, increasing lighting
illumination, improving color rendering, and enabling GWCCA to reduce their carbon footprint by 39% annually. In just the first year the energy-savings resulted in over $2.5MM. Today the GWCCA is the largest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified convention center in the world.

With 3.9 million square feet under one roof the convention center operates much like a small city.  Upgrades were needed to improve lighting and HVAC.  Retro-Tech Systems history as a national turn-key lighting contractor and their capabilities to perform multi-facility projects made them the ideal selection for the large-scale Georgia World Congress Center project.

Retro-Tech Systems technicians installed over 25,000 GE LED lamps and over 2,000 GE LED fixtures utilizing over 21,000 Man Hours not including Project Management, Design, & Engineering. The entire Retro-Tech Systems team from audit to design to installation includes RTS employees.

Retro-Tech Systems Engineering and Design team was challenged to ensure the existing GWCCA energy-management software system was 100% compatible with each and every new GE LED fixture.  Today, the GWCCA team can use any web-connected mobile device to remotely access and adjust convention center building controls 24/7.

The on-site Retro-Tech Systems Operation team prepares a GE Albeo LED ABV fixture for installation. As noted, Retro-Tech Systems is committed to safety.  As an OHSA Challenge Partner, RTS has two (2) OSHA Certified Trainers on staff and all on-site project management teams have undergone the OSHA 30-hour training, providing the assurance that the project will be completed by professionals who are committed to safety.

In order to maintain the architectural integrity of the GWCCA’s facility, Retro-Tech Systems and GE worked together to select LED products which would improve illumination, color rendering, and enhance the visitors’ experience, while reducing the carbon footprint by close to 40% annually.

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