Envocore Creates an Asset Management Platform

Envocore & EnSight+

In 2022, Envocore teamed up with field software management solution EnSight+ in order to offer their services to utility providers, bringing connectivity between the utility services department, customer service, and customers. 

The Envocore Asset Management Platform powered by EnSight+ is a dynamic tool for utilities. The platform simplifies data metering operations with automated data management, field service orchestration, validation, estimation, and editing. It also improves billing accuracy, visualizes customers’ usage, and prepares utilities for changing market settlement dynamics. 

Some of the features & benefits provided through this platform include:


Send messages to customers once a work order is created, installer is in transit, started, completed, and reminders. This can lower call volume and enhance the customer experience.

Online Portal

Ability to create and schedule service via appointment portal. This provides a better customer experience and limits inbound calling activity.

Local/Toll-Free Calling

All calls are recorded and made available from UI. Integrated into CIS (completed during the deployment) and allows customer service agents to pull service information up and create a work order or schedule an appointment. (defacto 311)


Leak alarms, thefts, bursts, etc., into the work order management system that can generate work orders and schedule appointments. 

Route Optimization

Ability to optimize routes to increase productivity and safety and reduce carbon footprint.


Customized reports and dashboards based on different use cases and KPIs. Ability to automatically send reports and dashboards via email, etc.

“Our goal was to create what we refer to as “actionable in field data” by having various data points integrate into the EnSight+ work order”

Said Cabell Curran, General Manager at Envocore Utility Services. “We wanted to create work orders that could flow seamlessly to field staff in order to address issues more efficiently, leading to greater cost savings and a happier customer. Every $1 reduction in Operations and Maintenance expenses allows municipal utilities to invest $8 in critical infrastructure.”

How does the integration of EnSight+ with Envocore’s technology benefit users?

“A well-integrated, smart metering asset management platform leads to the collection of a wealth of data that can be utilized to understand the patterns and trends within the water network. A constant stream of data working in concert with a dynamic work order asset management system brings the utility closer to being able to predict disruptions and leaks in the future.

Post-deployment, Envocore is integrating its utility customers with the EnSight+ solution in order to grow its ecosystem. As long as utilities have APIs, Envocore can continue to expand this multi-faceted platform, leveraging the EnSight+ system. In conclusion, utility customers can benefit from Envocore’s dynamic platform with an expandable ecosystem that creates real-time action.” 

Can you walk us through a use case where the partnership between Envocore and EnSight+ was successful in improving efficiency and productivity?

“We had a recent project where the installers were running into a lot of locations that had already been upgraded by the utility after we received the initial dataset used to build the project file. This resulted in lost time for the installer as well as customer frustration as these locations were marked as Return To Utility (RTU) and filling up the weekly report they receive with issues. At the height of the issue, installers were seeing 15-20 installs a week that were already upgraded. At the time, there was a project total of over 600 such records. Working with the customer and then with EnSight+, we were able to develop an update process that reduced that number down to only one new RTU for that issue in a week. Now, we receive an updated file from the utility before our installers move on to a new cycle for installs. That file then gets processed by EnSight+, resulting in the utility’s previously upgraded locations being set as “canceled” in our dataset, effectively removing them from being available for installation.”

Are there any future plans for further collaboration or development between Envocore and EnSight+?

“We foresee a long partnership with EnSight+. Using the situation described in the previous question as an example, this situation has resulted in the development of a new feature in EnSight+ that will allow users to more easily customize update processes. The ability to update our dataset and keep it fresh is essential for us as we move forward with larger multi-year projects. This feature is currently in the testing phase and is expected to be rolled out very shortly. I also cannot say enough about the responsiveness of the support team when an issue does arise. Their team has been wonderful to work with. EnSight+ is also currently working on a process for us to be able to easily, randomly audit the work of our installers on an ongoing basis to help ensure that we maintain the high standards that we require of our installers.”

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