Federal Aviation Administration

Client Overview

Federal Aviation Administration


Retro-Tech Systems, a division of Envocore, worked with an ESCO to implement a large and complex lighting project for the Federal Aviation Administration. This project involved 21 separate sites scattered from the southwest and midwest to the southeast. The facilities were both in route air traffic control facilities and airport-based traffic controls. With the FAA’s highly sophisticated equipment and mission critical activities, maintaining occupant comfort, identifying products that do not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment, and flexible installation schedules were critical to a successful project.

1. Client Challenge:

Retro-Tech and another firm were selected to survey and design upgrades at 21 sites, with each firm handling about 50% of the total square footage. Following the surveys and subsequent competition, Retro-Tech was selected to implement the project at all 21 sites. The largest challenge was identifying products that did not exceed FAA limits for radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Retro-Tech undertook an extensive testing effort for all products specified. Samples were delivered to a 3rd party laboratory for testing, and if products failed, alternates were identified. It was the testing process that dictated the product selection in the end.

2. Lighting Solution:

Retro-Tech performed turnkey lighting upgrades for the interior and exterior lighting at all 21 sites. All products used met FAA RFI/EMI limits. Products included new fixtures for the exterior lighting, and a mixture of Type C TLEDs, LED door frame retrofit kits, LED can light kits, and screw-in LED lamps. In addition, in some areas, Retro-Tech custom field tuned TLED and door kits to light levels requested by building occupants. Lastly, retro-Tech identified and replaced thousands of battery backups since the existing batteries were not compatible with the new LED technology.
All of the installation work was completed on time, in approximately 10 months by deploying 4 in-house installation teams operating at various sites concurrently.

3. The Results:

The energy and maintenance savings for this project are substantial and contributing to the overall success of the performance contract between the ESCO and the FAA. In total, Retro-Tech upgraded over 12,775 fixtures, replaced over 1,040 fixtures and installed over 1,920 lighting control devices without impacting the mission of the FAA in terms of electrical or most importantly, operational interference.

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