Alabama Department of Corrections


Water Conservation Case Study: Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) – ESPC Water Conservation Scope – 13 locations in Alabama


Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) project included facilities located across the entire state of Alabama. A total of 13 state prison facilities were included in the scope of work, including 7 maximum and medium security correctional facilities and 6 minimum security work release camps, housing over a total of 11,500 inmates.

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water conservation case study Alabama Department of Corrections

Brief Project Overview:

Water Savers conducted the investment grade audit (IGA) under a design contract and was selected as a subcontracting partner through a competitive RFP process. Construction was completed in October 2011.

A variety of different water conservation measures were identified through the IGA phase of the project.

The scope of work awarded to Water Savers included installation of traditional vitreous china HE plumbing fixtures and piston valves, low-flow shower heads, and ultra low-flow faucet restrictors. In addition to traditional plumbing fixture scope, the project included kitchen equipment upgrades involving retrofit of 51 ice machines with Vizion Chill counter-flow heat exchangers, replacement of 13 pre-rinse sprayers, retrofit of 4 garbage disposal, and replacement of 1 rack conveyor dish machine.

Laundry equipment upgrades were also included as a portion of the final project scope, and involved replacement of 24 commercial washing machines with new HE front-load equivalents and installation of 10 ozone laundry support systems for the primary industrial laundry operations.

During the IGA, Water Savers’ representatives conducted extensive pre-retrofit measurement and verification (M&V) of plumbing fixtures. Upon completion of project implementation, Water Savers’ representatives conducted post-retrofit M&V of all installed equipment to verify performance specifications and aid in commissioning all newly installed equipment.

Relevant Features
  • Corrections Experience
  • Inmate Area Plumbing Fixture Installation
  • Ice Machine Retrofits
  • Pre-rinse Sprayer Replacements
  • Garbage Disposal Retrofits
  • Dish Machine Replacement
  • HE Laundry Equipment
  • Ozone Laundry Systems
  • Pre- and Post-Retrofit M&V

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