Client Overview

Nestled against the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, Porterville is a bustling city of 52,000 and serves as a trade center to over 100,000 people. The economy is a thriving mixture of agri-business, light industry, and commercial enterprise. Local businesses produce a number of products such as electronic medical instruments, printed forms and specialty documents, and food products.

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1. Client Challenge:

The City of Porterville, California operates with an annual budget of 25.5 million dollars and employs over 288 people. It serves the needs of over 52,000 citizens. Like many municipalities, a balanced budget is more and more difficult to achieve. The project was implemented to ease energy cost in order to remain fiscally responsible.

2. Water Solution:

The scope of work for the City of Porterville included domestic water and irrigation retrofits. RTS Water Solutions furnished, installed and replaced many fixtures to reduce water usage.

3. The Results:

The usage reduction was strong. Utility savings were generated in three different areas: water, sewer, and natural gas usage. Most of the savings resulted from water and sewer reductions.

  1.  Replaced five (5) existing 3.0 gpf tank toilets with new 1.6 gpf tank toilets.
  2. Replaced or retrofitted 34 existing Flushometer toilets with new 1.6 gpf type.
  3. Retrofitted 14 existing 1.5 gpf urinals flush valves with 1.0 gpf type.
  4. Replaced 11 existing shower heads with 2.0 gpm type.
  5. Retrofitted 29 existing 1.33 gpm faucets with 0.5 gpm flow moderators.
  6. Replaced 12 existing irrigation stations with automatic stations.

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