Client Overview

The US Coast Guard in Puerto Rico is responsible for all Coast Guard missions in the Eastern Caribbean area. This includes enforcement of laws and regulations of the United States relative to national defense, smuggling/counter narcotics operations, fisheries management, marine transportation, marine safety, maritime security, protection of natural resources, waterways management, and to carry out general Coast Guard duties in military readiness by the organization, indoctrination, training and discipline of all members assigned.

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1. Client Challenge:

Like other federal agencies, the US Coast Guard in Puerto Rico must reduce energy use in their facilities by 30% from their 2005 baseline by 2015.

2. Water Solution:

RTS Water Solutions implemented its first construction project off of the continental United States. The US Coast Guards project had a need for water conservation plumbing fixture retrofits. Installations included faucet moderators, hi efficiency showerheads, and low flow toilets (including dual flush tank toilets) at a housing complex, air station, and the main command installation on the island. With this, our first Coast Guard project, RTS Water can say it has worked for all branches of US Military Service.

 3. The Results:

Water conservation was generated by reducing water usage. Below are the fixtures that were upgraded:

  1. Toilets
  2. Moderators, adapters and valves
  3. Shower heads

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