Federal Correctional Complex

Client Overview

Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) in Coleman, FL is part of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). FCC consists of five different prison facilities and several shared-service buildings. The complex has approximately 7,140 inmates, 1,400 staff, and 2,400,000 sq. ft. of building area on 1,600 acres.

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1. Client Challenge:

This design-build project includes lighting and plumbing improvements throughout the entire complex. LRI is providing cradle-to-grave project development and management including final design and all labor, materials, equipment, on-site supervision, and the final site audits for the Lighting ECM #1 and Plumbing ECM #2.

2. Solution:

The Lighting ECM #1 includes replacing existing all T8 lamps and normal electronic ballasts with Linear LED fixtures and integrated drivers and for all High Bay Lighting, existing T8 fixtures and MH and CFL lamps will be modified with Linear LEDs. All 2′, 3′ and 6′ linear fluorescents will be updated with linear LEDs, 13W CFLs will replace all 75W incandescent bulbs in mechanical rooms and plumbing chases while all other existing CFLs will be converted to LED. Additionally, occupancy sensors will be installed in all single-occupant offices, staff restrooms, and on non-emergency fixtures in mechanical/electrical rooms where there are existing emergency circuits.

The design and installation of all lighting ECMs have to be completed within the existing fixtures/physical structures as no physical modifications beyond the existing fixtures is allowed.

The Plumbing ECM #2 is comprised of Domestic Plumbing Fixture Replacements, Domestic Inmate Plumbing Fixture Replacements & Electronic Control Valves, and Non-Domestic Water Conservation Replacements. High Efficiency Toilet (HET) fixtures with piston valves, operating at 1.28 gpf and 1.0 gpf will replace all commercial flush valve fixtures and existing toilet tanks, respectively. Existing common and staff-area showerheads will be replaced with like-for-like configuration 1.5 gpm pressure-compensating showerheads. Existing inmate area shower heads will be replaced with new 1.5 gpm traditional showerheads, or new 1.5 gpm tamper-proof and suicide-resistant showerheads. Threaded faucets with 0.5 gpm tamper-proof multi­laminar stream flow restrictors will replace most existing faucets while existing kitchenette, or general purpose, faucets will receive 1.0 gpm tamper-proof laminar stream flow restrictors.

Non-Domestic Plumbing ECMs includes the replacement of air-cooled ice machines, high-flow pre-rinse kitchen sprayers, open-end hoses in kitchen pot wash and dishwashing areas, and scullery troughs in dishwashing areas will be upgraded with new water-efficient replacements.
Electronic control valves will be installed in several locations which will allow toilets to operate at lower volumes per flush, showers and lavatories at lower flow rates, and lockout sequences to be implemented to prevent abuse of water fixtures. The electrical circuits in the plumbing chases are served by back-up generators at each facility, enabling fixtures to function during power outages.

At completion, LRI will have installed 16,020+ lighting ECMs and 2,830 plumbing ECMs.

3. Key Takeaways:

Challenging project due to the unique complexities of the background check approval process. Modified our internal process and procedures to enable us to staff the project in a timely manner which will prove beneficial with future projects.

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