Jefferson County

Client Overview

Jefferson County is located in Southeast Texas. It is a major hub of activity due to its large Gulf of Mexico port, as well as its connection highway between Houston and New Orleans. Jefferson County is home to Beaumont, one of the state’s largest cities with a population of 118,000 residents and over 9,000 inmates. This county is also home to beautiful port towns like Port Arthur and Port Neches, highly regarded sport fishing destinations.

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1. Client Challenge:

Jefferson County facilities consist of a wide variety of building types to support the many needs of the community of the county, including its largest city, Beaumont. Envocore performed a detailed site survey and delivered a complete water balance across more than 100 facilities such as the airport, courthouses, police and fire stations, parks, maintenance facilities, and correctional buildings to understand the usage patterns of these facilities and to identify energy saving opportunities.

Across the county, many of these facilities were in serious need of plumbing system improvements. Beyond new water fixtures, the county was also interested in implementing new safety and surveillance systems in the detention facilities. With this in mind, Envocore not only provided the correctional complexes with water savings fixtures, but also incorporated advanced water system controls to further aid in the facilities control of water to inmate areas. These improvements help maintain low guard and inmate interactions, in addition to mitigate the risks of abuse from the inmate population.

2. Lighting Solution:

This project included a site survey of over 100 facilities throughout Jefferson County for energy savings opportunities. These site surveys also delivered a complete water balance of the facilities.

3. Results:

The duration of this project was 145 days. There was a 40% water reduction at the Jefferson County Detentions Facility with a calculated annual savings of $146,000.

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