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Water Conservation Case Study: National Park Service National Capital Region – ESPC Water Conservation Scope (Phase 1) – Washington DC, VA, WV, MD. Design, Construct, Pre & Post-M&V. Construction Completed: Dec. 2015

Brief Project Summary:

Water Savers, LLC worked with an ESCO on this project which includes the optimization of water used for landscape irrigation and plumbing spread across the National Park Service National Capital Region. The project will be completed December, 2015 with the replacement of 29 controllers managing over 500 stations/zones and the replacement of over 7,000 sprinkler heads.

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Additional Project Details

We installed 19 DC Water Sewer Deduct meters for the irrigation water supply lines for the irrigation systems in Washington DC. as well as an AMR system to monitor water consumption on 30 water features and fountains in the National Capitol Region.

We installed new water level sensors and automatic fill valves on the make-up water supply to each of the fountains, completed work on the restrooms, and included a rain water harvesting design to be constructed in Phase 2.

Upon completion of project implementation, Water Savers’ representatives will conduct post-retrofit measurement and verification of all installed equipment to verify performance specifications and aid in commissioning all newly installed equipment. We will also provide annual maintenance services.

Relevant Features:
  • Parks & Rec Experience
  • Weather Based Controls
  • Underground Repairs
  • Pumping Pressure Challenges
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Functional Park Installations
  • Sprinkler Head Replacements
  • System Training and Remote Management
  • Post-Retrofit M&V
  • Ongoing Maintenance

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