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Water Conservation Case Study: Naval Station Rota Spain – ESPC Water Conservation ScopE – Rota Spain


Naval Station Rota is strategically located near the Strait of Gibraltar and at the halfway point between the United States and Southwest Asia. Because of this ideal location, the base is able to provide invaluable support to both US Sixth Fleet units in the Mediterranean and to USAF Air Mobility Command units transiting to Germany and Southwest Asia. The Base and its tenant commands are located within the boundaries of the 6,100-acre Spanish “Base Naval de Rota”.

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water efficiency case study - Naval Station Rota Spain

Brief Project Summary

Under the guidance of the Agreement for Defense Cooperation, the US and Spanish navies work together and share many facilities. The US Navy has the responsibility for maintaining the station’s infrastructure, including a 670-acre airfield, three active piers, 426 facilities and 806 family housing units and many sports fields and other recreation areas.

Water Savers was awarded the design and implementation of this project, which includes installation of irrigation controllers, distribution piping, a weather station with web access based on user classification, sprinkler heads spread across the golf course and the athletic fields on the base as well as plumbing fixtures.


The project was completed in 2010 with water use reductions of 28%.

Relevant Features:
  • Irrigation Design & Construction
  • Golf Course Optimization
  • Plumbing Fixture Optimization
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Functional Park Installations
  • Sprinkler Head Replacements
  • System Training and Remote Management
  • Post-Retrofit M&V

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