EverLast(R) Fixtures are Utilized to Lower Energy Costs, Meet Building Specifications

California State University, Chico is the second-oldest campus in the twenty-three-campus California State University system and home to over 16,000 students. The university has adopted a strong sustainability initiative and received several honors based on their “green” efforts. Adopting these standards for energy savings requires a disciplined operating specification to follow, and the university relied on EverLast(R) to move their sustainability efforts forward.

The University enlisted GreenTech of Ventura, California to seek out a commercial lighting solution that would meet their facility codes while improving illumination, and significantly lowering energy costs. “The EverLast(R) Aluminum High Bay fixture is second to none in terms of an energy efficient lighting solution for a large scale facility,” commented Dan Grumney, President of GreenTech. “The fixtures are able to cut energy consumption by 60 percent while lowering maintenance costs, and providing a long life span. GreenTech insists on delivering the most energy efficient lighting solutions to the West Coast, and we often utilize the EverLast(R) fixtures based on their quality and compatibility with even the most demanding specification criteria.”

In the summer of 2012, the university moved forward with 250 watt High Bays and 55 watt energy efficient induction Contemporary walkway fixtures and installed them in two gymnasiums, and along their campus walkways.

“We knew we needed energy efficient lighting, but once we began factoring in lowered labor and maintenance costs, a 10 year warranty, and improved illumination; induction lighting made the most sense,” stated Craig Cardoza, Outside Sales Representative of CED, Chico. “The fact that EverLast(R) was able to exceed the specification of our building criteria, in addition to being the most energy efficient option, allowed us to further our efforts towards an exceedingly energy efficient facility.”

The EverLast(R) 250 watt Aluminum High Bay and 55 watt Contemporary Walkway fixtures provide light with a more natural, high color rendition and unlike traditional HID fixtures are “instant on” and easily dimmed. Furthermore, induction uses up to 60 percent less energy and has an unmatched life span of up to 100,000 hours.

“We couldn’t be happier with the EverLast(R) fixtures based on their performance and warranty. The fixtures truly represent the energy efficiency that California State University, Chico has been working towards” said Cardoza.


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