New line of LED high-bay fixtures offers industry leading lumen output specifically designed for high ceiling mounting (30-40-50-60+ foot ceilings) lighting applications.

Despite their rapid growth, acceptance and popularity, LED lighting fixtures have not always been the best answer for some unique lighting applications within the Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing facilities arena.

Jim Feeney, Managing Director of Improved Illumination, a leading Boston-based provider of cost effective lighting solutions to commercial, Industrial, educational and municipal clients, points out one such concern has been centered around large scale facilities with higher than average ceiling heights. “With solid performance at locations with standard ceiling heights, many locations with ceiling heights of 30-40-50 or even 80 feet have not been able to take advantage of the numerous benefits available from ever-improving LED technology, until now.”

Improved Illumination is pleased to announce the availability of a new, DLC approved line of LED high-bay fixtures for clients with higher than average ceiling heights. As an example, the 120w high-bay LED fixture, can easily replace a 400w HID fixture and the 300w LED fixture has been tested and proven to be a perfect replacement for a 1000w HID. These fixtures offer industry leading lumen output in an economical high-output LED package while keeping the look of a traditional HID high-bay. These fixtures take advantages of the performance efficiency of the latest LED technology while providing 75-90% savings over outdated, energy hungry HID fixtures.

“As a rule of thumb, the cost of lighting a warehouse, fulfillment center (FC) or distribution Center (DC) is around $1 per square foot. With energy efficient lighting, a 200,000 square foot facility annual cost of $200,000 could be as low as $20,000 by replacing those older, outdated installed fixtures. Combine the additional benefits of lighting controls and the savings potential could be substantial,” says Feeney.

“When considering the right lighting technology for any warehouse, FC, DC or Cold Storage facility, there are a number of factors that need to be considered.

  •     Ceiling Heights: Most standard LED fixtures cannot deliver the required foot candles to the warehouse floor when ceiling heights are 25+ feet or higher.
  •     Life time cost of lighting: includes the cost of the fixtures, energy costs, installation costs, disposal and storage costs are just a few.
  •     Cost of replacements: frequency of ordering, installation, storage of spare bulbs vs. the phenomenally long life of an LED fixture
  •     Cost savings in Maintenance: Fewer service calls, fewer interruptions on production line, fewer workers displaced during maintenance results in higher productivity.

These concerns are magnified in a High Ceiling environment. Higher ceiling means more time, care, labor, logistics and equipment for both replacement and maintenance events.

We invite Warehouse Managers, Distribution Center Operators and other Business Property Owners with both standard and high ceiling facilities to contact Improved Illumination to learn more about options available to reduce their monthly lighting expense and improve their illumination,” offers Feeney.

Improved Illumination provides third-party unbiased lighting solutions to commercial, industrial, educational and government clients around the country. By working with numerous providers and manufacturers of leading edge lighting technology, our goal is to provide solutions that reduces our clients monthly lighting expense, provide a better, brighter environment for their employees and a safety and more secure experience for visitors and clients.

Please feel free to contact improved Illumination at 508.801.9205 or jfeeney(at)improvedillumination(dot)com to learn more and how we may be able to assist your organization.


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