Smart City Technologies Drive Energy Efficiency Market

What is a smart city? It is an urban area utilizing different types of smart technology, including electronic sensors and methods for the collection of data from assets, citizens, buildings and devices. The data so collected is then processed and utilized to manage a broad variety of systems: crime detection, traffic and transportation, waste, power plants, utilities, water supply, and many others.

Of paramount importance is energy efficiency, as its energy that is utilized to run every system within a smart city. Energy is made more efficient through smart technology such as lighting sensors, energy-efficient building technologies, efficient energy distribution systems, smart HVAC, smart utility metering and more. In that water is our most precious resource, efficient water systems run a very close second in importance to energy.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting plays a predominant role in the ecosystem of smart cities, as lighting is everywhere in an urban area. In a prime example, smart streetlights utilize cameras and sensors for the detection of movement, so that dynamic dimming of lighting can be implemented. This technology is paired with the most energy-efficient source of illumination, LEDs.  Communication technology mounted on the street lights can serve as the communications backbone for a smart city network integrating smart parking meters, smart trash cans, and more.

Of course, interior lighting is equally important. Smart lighting systems installed within commercial and government buildings make the most efficient use of the considerable energy used to light office, manufacturing and laboratory spaces. Innovations might include sensors that would dim or shut off lights in empty spaces, and the use of the most energy-efficient illumination sources such as LED lighting replacing energy inefficient and vision-hampering fluorescent lights.

Water Efficiency and Smart Water Meters

Another factor in smart cities is the application of smart technology to water systems. With smart utility metering, sensors can be applied to detect leaks or places where water is being used to excess. Triggers can be utilized to shut off water where it is being wasted or when accounts are delinquent. Billing will be more accurate and timely than has traditionally been the case. Communication technology installed to support smart meters can also serve as the backbone for a smart city network integrating smart parking meters, smart trash cans, and more.

Of course, efficient water systems—including water-efficient fixtures and appliances—should be installed to begin with, so that smart technology is optimized.

Engage Envocore

For the evolution of smart cities, Envocore should certainly be engaged. Envocore is a nationwide leader in energy-efficient lighting, assisting commercial, industrial, government and institutional building owners. Envocore offers lighting audits, designs upgrades, and performs energy-saving calculations and turnkey installations. The company has been in the lighting industry for over 25 years, and its sales and engineering staff averages more than 17 years of lighting experience.

Another specialty that Envocore offers is water efficiency. Much like its lighting team, Envocore offers water audits, designs upgrades, and performs savings calculations and turnkey installation. While it offers many solutions to improve water efficiency inside of buildings, the use of water outside of commercial and government facilities accounts for a large portion of overall water costs. There are many solutions for the improvement of water efficiency outside of buildings including water harvesting, irrigation systems, water leak detection and water well installation.

Envocore specializes in smart utility metering solutions. Such systems provide a wide variety of benefits, including the discovery of inconsistent data between meters and billing systems, precise detection of water use and waste, and operational efficiency.

Beyond lighting and water efficiency services, Envocore also offers building envelope expertise, which also greatly enhances energy efficiency. This service addresses such issues as drafty buildings, inefficient ventilation systems, and other issues dealing with energy inefficiency and also with occupant comfort.

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